Yoga in Italy

A warm welcome from sunny Italy!


Yoga Holidays in Italy with Bharti: we offer inspirational and affordable yoga retreats in the countryside where nature and organic food together with daily yoga and meditation will nourish your soul and body, providing a perfect atmosphere for intensive extended yoga practice.


Our location is very convenient with easy access to Rome, just one hour away and easily reacheable from Rome airports by frequent trains. Rome is the centre of Italian culture and art, offering historic sites, restaurants and shopping.


I am originally from Rome but spent 13 years in London, first as a student and then as a city girl working in the financial and PR sector.
I started practicing Yoga in 2000 and went through major life changes with it. It helped me in the hardest times and it always led me to look within, more and more as my practice developed. It helped me appreciate life and see the good in everything and everyone.  It helped me to re discover the strength and positivity within.

It also taught me what real inner happiness and contentment is, even when I think things are not going the way I want. It teaches me every day to surrender and accept whatever comes, as it is what is good for me at that specific time. Life has become a lot brighter and clearer since I started my practice and it has taken me and still takes me to amazing people and experiences.
My intention here at Yoga With Bharti is to share all this with you and grow together; to share the beauty and sweetness that yoga brings within each of us and around us.

You don’t need to be an experienced practitioner or a spiritual person to join our retreats. Yoga is for everyone, it has something to offer to each of us and without doubt it will create a positive change, whatever your needs may be and whatever stage in life you might find yourself in.
Come and join me in one of our yoga retreats here in Italy in the summer or India in the winter!  My idea is to combine Yoga with other activities such as hiking, cycling, cooking and sightseeing. Each retreat will be full of opportunities to grow and discover!

May All be Happy!
Love and Light,


0 #5 Carmel, Australia/U 2013-09-20 10:32
Excellent retreat especially the meditation and chanting. The Yoga level was perfect. Loved practising in nature and the flexibility of the teacher to adapt to needs and different levels of students was great. The Yoga was gentle and not forceful so I benefited greatly. The teacher was great at helping us experiment with meditation and chanting!
0 #4 Carla, Switzerland 2013-09-20 10:31
The retreat allowed me to reconnect with what I love. I left feeling grounded and peaceful and nourished.
I appreciated Valentina's down to earth approach and found her encouragement and attention to detail during the classes helped me progress and I was so happy to feel my body getting stronger and more supple as the week went on.
The perfect balance of yoga, meditation and reiki sessions combined with free time to read, swim, walk or rest. I finished the retreat stronger both physically and mentally.
0 #3 Sabine, France 2013-09-20 10:29
I enjoyed the retreat A LOT !! It was a perfect mix between practice, sharing with other participants, relaxing and taking time to reflect. Valentina has very good teaching skills and made me feel at ease from day one.
Thanks so much for helping me reconnect with myself!
0 #2 Maria Jesus, Spain 2013-09-20 10:29
It was great to learn from someone with wide experience, not only good technically but also with passion and heart.
A perfect break for your body and mind, to listen to yourself, to continue with new energy and to find the necessary calm to make changes in your life.
+2 #1 Kim-Marie, UK 2013-09-17 20:38
The yoga retreat with Valentina was great - great location and great pool. Valentina was warm, welcoming and funny, and a very attentive teacher. Aqua yoga was probably one of my favourite parts - I would love to do that again. If you are looking for a course to consolidate your yoga practice, I'd recommended going on one with Valentina.

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